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Thank you for visiting my gallery site

I created this website to showcase some of the art I've done over the years. I hope to add more whenever I find something I've done that I don't mind sharing.

My old warning still applies

There's a few images of nudes throughout the galleries. If this sort of stuff offends you, you may not want to enter. However, in my opinion, they are not of an erotic or sexual nature. You won't find any “pin-up” type of art here. Sorry.

What's with the red brick background?

It was done to honor my favorite gallery I've ever shown in — The Michigan Gallery. Unfortunately, it closed up a few years ago. It was in a terrific building on Michigan Ave., about a mile or so south of the old Tiger Stadium. The inside walls were red brick and added a great funky background to the fantastic art that was displayed by some of the best artists in Metro Detroit. The outside of it was decorated by cool murals.

The Michigan Gallery was run by Carl Kamulski and was well known for the most fun art openings in the city which would often extend to its back yard outside where locals bands would play live. They also held life drawing sessions twice a week. Plus there was a bar connected to it where artists would gather and talk art. I miss it greatly.

Don't be shy

Aside from the links on the left, there's a drop down menu to take you straight to the gallery of your choice. If you ever want to return to this home page, just click on the cornerstone on the upper left.

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Any questions or feedback?

Send me an email and let me know what you think of the art and/or the revamped site. If you belong on Facebook, feel free to click the "Like" button on the bottom of any of the pages on this site.

Thanks for visiting!

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